Friday, October 19, 2012

Trend Report: Layering!

Layering is one of those inevitable things that spawns from necessity when the seasons do as they do ....change. This fickle fall weather often leaves us unable to predict if we'll be hot or cold throughout the duration of our busy day. However, this basic need has evolved and it's not just about keeping a frumpy sweater handy anymore. Street style trend setters are adding multiple layers and creating stylish outfits that are filling that frumpy sweater's role tenfold. With that said, obviously matching or not matching, depending on your intention, could still look a little funky if it's not done correctly, so here are the best Street Style layering looks we could find, why we love them and how you can do them too!
POP! Damn, girl. A bold yellow with dark black is hard to pull off without looking like a bumble bee, but there's none of that here. Maybe a little sting, but it hurts in all the right ways. Layering 101 can be a little tricky if you're first starting out so use this as a guideline: Don't mix too many colors, use black as your base, and never forget you can layer your bottom half just as much as your top.
Black is back in a big way for fall and metallic undertones are a smart idea. The collared shirt is a third trendy way to sophisticate a floppy sweater and add structure. Remember: to balance it out. Use this as a guideline: if you've got a lot going on, on the top, make sure the bottom is simple. Nude color shoes go with everything. Sophisticated, yet simple.
Green and orange/brown. We already reported on why these colors are so amazing together, however this outfit showcases the need for a pattern in the middle when you've got two very bold colors in large heavy fabrics. The polka dots are the perfect middle piece!
Another trend spotted: mixed prints! There's about a million different fashion blogs and another million wearing and or talking about this combo! It's a little harder to pull off, but if you can do it correctly it is so delightful. Use this is a guideline: Small polka dots add compliment to the stripes. The entire outfit is within a color scheme and none of it is overbearing.
To be honest this was one fierce color pallet I couldn't resist sharing. Essentially the dress and the clutch are the same color just different hues. LOVE! Belt a dress and add a blazer or jacket for a polished layered look!
Don't let fall keep you from skirts and dresses. If there's a chill in the air just add a black or nude tight to keep you warm. You can't take away from the layering pool now. This is when you need all the options you can get! Submit your street style outfits and maybe you'll be featured in the next post!

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