Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seeing Green, Army Green

Fall is here and the new season's street style trends have already started to bubble over. One of the most popular being army surplus green. It seems only natural to flock to a darker color pallet as the seasons change and we're stuck somewhere in the middle of hot and cold. These arrangements are making fashion fun in the face of not-so-fun fashion weather. It seems we're not all that turned off by adding layers, or getting creative, even if we have to trade the AC for the fire place.
Taking it one step further we found a newer combo: Green & Orange! Two colors that any fall wardrobe wouldn't be complete without, but now we're seeing them hanging out together, and it's got our attention. Unconventional? Maybe. But, chic? Absolutely!. Since orange and brown look fantastic together and we're still color blocking into winter, it makes all the sense in the world to add army green for a dramatic boost in the right direction.
In our search to find the best looks of the week we stumbled across this look on twitter. We want to give credit where credit is due and applaud this post for it's versatility. Sporting two trends in one: army green AND mixed prints is no easy feat. Mixed prints being our day one category for our ten day #outfitchallenge that twitter lovers and instagramers alike can opt into at any time and start participating! Love, love, loving the creativity so far!

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