Tuesday, October 23, 2012


After trying my first headwrap today, I am officially IN LOVE and I absolutely had to share. It got my creative mind to wandering...and then wondering what else has everyone been topping their head with as of late. Here's a list of my favorite looks spanning from headbands and headwraps like mine, to turbans and hats!
Headwraps are an amazing cold weather accessory. It can take your outfit from classic and simple to bohemian bell, BUT be careful! Placement is EVERYTHING! Too far forward and you may resemble more Axl Rose or too far back it may look a little fortune tellerish. If you have bangs you're in luck. Use them as a guide like the photo above and you can't go wrong.
Now don't worry. you might be looking at all these great ideas and getting a little figity about where you'll find something so awesome, and my answer is this: you alredy have one. If you've got a thin scarf or two that is. The one I used was just something I had laying around. Tying it from the front or the back is completely up to you. I tied mine in the back. It's entirely up to you and who can argue with a $0 deal?! TURBANS
There is one thing about the headwrap that I forgot to mention above which is: it's HOT! Like, literally hot. It was a warmer fall day today here in NY and I was, quite honestly, a little over heated with the band on my head and the hair on my neck and so tightl against my ears, so take this as a disclaimer. If it's warm where you live, wear your hair up! Also, if you want to try a turban I think they would probably make a better winter accessory. Never the less I couldn't pass up sharing these great examples I found!
Just another way to brave the elements. No matter which kind of topper you choose this fall and winter just remember it's important to pick the one that hides you the least and helps you stand out the most!

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