Monday, October 8, 2012

TREND ALERT: The Galaxy is ours!

Another trend that is building lots of steam, and in turn makes me wish I had thinner legs...Galaxy leggings! Or the galaxy print in general. It's colorful, chic, and it's pun intended. You can dress it up, dress it down if you're feeling flirty and girly or edgy and dark. I personally, love it and can't get enough. I recently got this top at forever21 and I get so many compliments. Even moms and grandma's like it. I mean, who doesn't really like the stars anyways? The even better news? It's still available online if you want one!
Boxy Galaxy Print Shirt (Google Affiliate Ad) And I don't think it's stopping here. As we play around more with tie dye and water colors in DIY land there's a whole list of combos still to come.
Take Katy Perry's watercolor dress worn in late September as an example. The design to me looks like a cloudy storm and I can see this print making it's way to tops and leggings very soon! Just remember when you do see it, you heard it here first! Do you have a pair of galaxy leggings? Share your photos and you could be featured in an upcoming blog!

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