Thursday, October 4, 2012

Make it Work! Street Style for your Job.

           A lot of my recent style frustration has come from trying to make my closet fit the needs of the dresscode I'm obligated to follow for my job. I'd say in comparison to most places my work dresscode -at a children's clothing retailer- is fairly easy to follow: nothing offensive, no running sneakers, no short shorts (or skirts), no visable underwear, please shower. That kind of stuff. However, as studs, and skulls, and rivets run over me for fall I can't help wondering what everyone else has been wearing to work these days.  No matter the rules I still want my style to reflect my personality, and although my own dress code doesn't have me in strangle hold just yet, I can sympothise with those who face a much more difficult guideline.
Everyone has their own individual definition of professional attire. I know this from watching some of my own co-workers. Common sense goes a long way when trying to put the right outfit together for work. IF you have any. Although it can seem down right debilitating at times when you're constantly sensoring your own style in the name of professionalism, it can also inspire you to create outfits you wouldn't otherwise wear. Staying inside the lines of professional attire doesn't always mean wearing the same thing day in and day out,  nor does it mean scribbeling outside the lines in a see through blouse. In my journey to find what my 'professional' style really was I made a lot of mental notes.
1. Buy more things that can double as work wear.
2. Research styles you like, then add more material. Layering is EVERYTHING!
3. Look online. A LOT, before heading out shopping.
4. Classic shoes that match just about everything will save you a lot of time getting ready, and a lot of money.
I also find that the more drastically unrealistic an outfit that inspires me is, the more fun I have turning it into something I can wear to work. Take the photos below as my examples. Neither of which on their own would be OK for my job, or most jobs for that matter, but the outfits I created on their behalf fall well within my personal guidelines and are still super chic!
    Velvet!! Adding a tank or cami to a sheer blouse takes you from grunge punk to dazzeling fashionista. This shirt did not come with this collar. I found the collar and paired it in place of a necklace. I wanted to keep the rocker theme going with the studs.  I also didn't want to do black heels as I feel that's more of a cocktail hour thing, when wearing a skirt or dress, so a brown, cream, or dark golden shoe would be less sexy for work.  Add a blazer for more sophistication.

  The thing I liked most about the pictured outfit was the leggings and I stayed within that color palet. I also decided to go with another popular trend right now: mix prints. I used a blouse with a small print and a purple pant with a larger print. I liked how the horizontal print mirrored the horizontal stripe in the girls leggings, and I kept with the studded boot theme although added a heal for a professinal work look.  The vest is the interchangable peice- dress it down with a loosely structured vest like this, or dress it up with a collar and versatile jacket.

 What do you wear to work? Share your work outfits and you could be featured in an upcoming blog!

   photos by polyvore & chictopia

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