Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trend Alert: Hologram Style.


It's popping up all over the place! The very intense, eye catching, shiny, cameleon-esk material/color. It's amazing and overwhelming all at the same time. This trend is going to be everywhere for spring/summer because it looks great partnered with pastels and neons which will be very popular for the season. Then we'll see them transition into darker palets for fall. I think the best way to rock this trend, as with any trend that is fleeting, but super cute for a moment- is with accessories. Since the trend isn't going to be a staple in your closet for years and years like a great blazer, it's smarter to not invest too much cash, and accessories are much cheaper than clothing. Accessories are also more disposable and used more frequently than one piece of clothing would be, so you'll be sure to get more wear, thus more of your money out of it. The even better news is that since it's never the same color for long, it goes with everything, and multi color items are as trendy as ever! Check these other looks below, and share your hologram looks with us!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

City Streets: Pretending it's not winter.

It's cold, but we're in denial. I suppose depending on if you're in Miami Beach or Chicago you might feel differently, but it's freezing here in New York, and I've still got "warm weather clothes" out on display. Fall layering is fun and trendy, but all the bulk has me bummed. I'd say particularly when it comes to not being a size two, the idea of adding to my width, not that I'm a giant either, just leaves me a little self conscious. But that's just me speaking for myself. What about all the size two's? They could add layer upon layer and still look thin...they're still rocking their summer trends too. What about all the lace? What about all the skirts? Certainly, I'm not the only one having this issue. I don't think it's a matter of size for most of the fashion obsessed either. I think it comes down to just one thing: if we like it, we're going to wear it, weather whether it's comfortable slash appropriate or not. We've long slated our nonsensicle idea that although high heels are incredibly stupid and painful, we'll still wear them because they look cute. My very new obsession with platforms has me limping around the house when I get home at night, but "they make my chubby little legs looks so much longer" is my irrational rationalization. Bugger the orthopedic issues I might be unable to errase twenty years from now. Well, long story short, I think we're applying this same silliness to non-winter apparel, thinking we'll just freeze and look cute in the process. My other theory goes a little deeper than that. I think we had such a fantastic fashionable summer we're afraid to undo it somehow by covering up all those trends we've fallen in love with. It has been quite a romance, I'd have to say, and now we don't want to break up. It's that summer fling that lasted much too long, and now you've gotta get serious. This week I finally, and begrudgingly pulled my winter coat from the deepest, darkest part of my closet. Just short of crossing my arms over my chest, and repeatedly stamping my foot on the floor screaming "I don't wanna"! I violently threw it on, half defeated, and half wimpering. I felt as the though the cold air and the coat were both smug and mocking when I looked in the mirror before heading out. However, I got the last laugh because under my drab necessity I had on an amazing outfit and no sooner was I back inside, I removed my coat- just as violently as I'd put it on- and strutted around in my awesome, not so wintery outfit, looking as fab as ever. After all, fashion creativity is one of the only things that allows us to throw practicality out the window. Who cares if, what some, might see as a priority; staying warm, we see as a set back. My necessity to look good will always outweigh my necessity to be comfortable. If being comforable happens, that's just an added bonus. Do you have the warm weather bug? Or do you have an actual cold bug from walking around with not enough clothes on? Some of us have been lucky enough to have the best of both words and put stylish summer/ winter wardrobes together and come up with some great fresh new looks! Check out these less than warm outfits, that have us longing for the sun.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Chicago Style for a Cause

By Perry Fish Chicago, IL

                         Fashion and philanthroby go great together and on November 7th I attended Bloomingdale's "evening of fashion, connecting, and fun" at the Old Orchard Center in Skokie, IL. Guests were invited to mingle amongst themselves while also viewing the best seasonal trends Bloomingdales had to offer. All the proceeds went to benefit WINGS- women in need growing stronger.

                       While there, I attended a fashion show featuring looks from Anne Klein. The Leo Collection  is full of bold prints and pops of color - styles for the changing seasons. A touch of sparkle, faux fur and leather were major trends throughout the collection.

If you're looking for a few more bold outfit ideas and suggestions please take a look below! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials

Rainy October days are upon us and once Hurricane Sandy is through with the north east, I too, will be venturing back out on the streets! While you're cooped up inside take a look at these outfits for inspiration. These fierce fashion looks are rocking umbrellas, rain boots, rain capes and trench coats. Making the gross weather fun to dress up for once again! UMBRELLAS

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


After trying my first headwrap today, I am officially IN LOVE and I absolutely had to share. It got my creative mind to wandering...and then wondering what else has everyone been topping their head with as of late. Here's a list of my favorite looks spanning from headbands and headwraps like mine, to turbans and hats!
Headwraps are an amazing cold weather accessory. It can take your outfit from classic and simple to bohemian bell, BUT be careful! Placement is EVERYTHING! Too far forward and you may resemble more Axl Rose or too far back it may look a little fortune tellerish. If you have bangs you're in luck. Use them as a guide like the photo above and you can't go wrong.
Now don't worry. you might be looking at all these great ideas and getting a little figity about where you'll find something so awesome, and my answer is this: you alredy have one. If you've got a thin scarf or two that is. The one I used was just something I had laying around. Tying it from the front or the back is completely up to you. I tied mine in the back. It's entirely up to you and who can argue with a $0 deal?! TURBANS
There is one thing about the headwrap that I forgot to mention above which is: it's HOT! Like, literally hot. It was a warmer fall day today here in NY and I was, quite honestly, a little over heated with the band on my head and the hair on my neck and so tightl against my ears, so take this as a disclaimer. If it's warm where you live, wear your hair up! Also, if you want to try a turban I think they would probably make a better winter accessory. Never the less I couldn't pass up sharing these great examples I found!
Just another way to brave the elements. No matter which kind of topper you choose this fall and winter just remember it's important to pick the one that hides you the least and helps you stand out the most!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Trend Report: Layering!

Layering is one of those inevitable things that spawns from necessity when the seasons do as they do ....change. This fickle fall weather often leaves us unable to predict if we'll be hot or cold throughout the duration of our busy day. However, this basic need has evolved and it's not just about keeping a frumpy sweater handy anymore. Street style trend setters are adding multiple layers and creating stylish outfits that are filling that frumpy sweater's role tenfold. With that said, obviously matching or not matching, depending on your intention, could still look a little funky if it's not done correctly, so here are the best Street Style layering looks we could find, why we love them and how you can do them too!
POP! Damn, girl. A bold yellow with dark black is hard to pull off without looking like a bumble bee, but there's none of that here. Maybe a little sting, but it hurts in all the right ways. Layering 101 can be a little tricky if you're first starting out so use this as a guideline: Don't mix too many colors, use black as your base, and never forget you can layer your bottom half just as much as your top.
Black is back in a big way for fall and metallic undertones are a smart idea. The collared shirt is a third trendy way to sophisticate a floppy sweater and add structure. Remember: to balance it out. Use this as a guideline: if you've got a lot going on, on the top, make sure the bottom is simple. Nude color shoes go with everything. Sophisticated, yet simple.
Green and orange/brown. We already reported on why these colors are so amazing together, however this outfit showcases the need for a pattern in the middle when you've got two very bold colors in large heavy fabrics. The polka dots are the perfect middle piece!
Another trend spotted: mixed prints! There's about a million different fashion blogs and another million wearing and or talking about this combo! It's a little harder to pull off, but if you can do it correctly it is so delightful. Use this is a guideline: Small polka dots add compliment to the stripes. The entire outfit is within a color scheme and none of it is overbearing.
To be honest this was one fierce color pallet I couldn't resist sharing. Essentially the dress and the clutch are the same color just different hues. LOVE! Belt a dress and add a blazer or jacket for a polished layered look!
Don't let fall keep you from skirts and dresses. If there's a chill in the air just add a black or nude tight to keep you warm. You can't take away from the layering pool now. This is when you need all the options you can get! Submit your street style outfits and maybe you'll be featured in the next post!