Monday, October 29, 2012

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials

Rainy October days are upon us and once Hurricane Sandy is through with the north east, I too, will be venturing back out on the streets! While you're cooped up inside take a look at these outfits for inspiration. These fierce fashion looks are rocking umbrellas, rain boots, rain capes and trench coats. Making the gross weather fun to dress up for once again! UMBRELLAS

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


After trying my first headwrap today, I am officially IN LOVE and I absolutely had to share. It got my creative mind to wandering...and then wondering what else has everyone been topping their head with as of late. Here's a list of my favorite looks spanning from headbands and headwraps like mine, to turbans and hats!
Headwraps are an amazing cold weather accessory. It can take your outfit from classic and simple to bohemian bell, BUT be careful! Placement is EVERYTHING! Too far forward and you may resemble more Axl Rose or too far back it may look a little fortune tellerish. If you have bangs you're in luck. Use them as a guide like the photo above and you can't go wrong.
Now don't worry. you might be looking at all these great ideas and getting a little figity about where you'll find something so awesome, and my answer is this: you alredy have one. If you've got a thin scarf or two that is. The one I used was just something I had laying around. Tying it from the front or the back is completely up to you. I tied mine in the back. It's entirely up to you and who can argue with a $0 deal?! TURBANS
There is one thing about the headwrap that I forgot to mention above which is: it's HOT! Like, literally hot. It was a warmer fall day today here in NY and I was, quite honestly, a little over heated with the band on my head and the hair on my neck and so tightl against my ears, so take this as a disclaimer. If it's warm where you live, wear your hair up! Also, if you want to try a turban I think they would probably make a better winter accessory. Never the less I couldn't pass up sharing these great examples I found!
Just another way to brave the elements. No matter which kind of topper you choose this fall and winter just remember it's important to pick the one that hides you the least and helps you stand out the most!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Trend Report: Layering!

Layering is one of those inevitable things that spawns from necessity when the seasons do as they do ....change. This fickle fall weather often leaves us unable to predict if we'll be hot or cold throughout the duration of our busy day. However, this basic need has evolved and it's not just about keeping a frumpy sweater handy anymore. Street style trend setters are adding multiple layers and creating stylish outfits that are filling that frumpy sweater's role tenfold. With that said, obviously matching or not matching, depending on your intention, could still look a little funky if it's not done correctly, so here are the best Street Style layering looks we could find, why we love them and how you can do them too!
POP! Damn, girl. A bold yellow with dark black is hard to pull off without looking like a bumble bee, but there's none of that here. Maybe a little sting, but it hurts in all the right ways. Layering 101 can be a little tricky if you're first starting out so use this as a guideline: Don't mix too many colors, use black as your base, and never forget you can layer your bottom half just as much as your top.
Black is back in a big way for fall and metallic undertones are a smart idea. The collared shirt is a third trendy way to sophisticate a floppy sweater and add structure. Remember: to balance it out. Use this as a guideline: if you've got a lot going on, on the top, make sure the bottom is simple. Nude color shoes go with everything. Sophisticated, yet simple.
Green and orange/brown. We already reported on why these colors are so amazing together, however this outfit showcases the need for a pattern in the middle when you've got two very bold colors in large heavy fabrics. The polka dots are the perfect middle piece!
Another trend spotted: mixed prints! There's about a million different fashion blogs and another million wearing and or talking about this combo! It's a little harder to pull off, but if you can do it correctly it is so delightful. Use this is a guideline: Small polka dots add compliment to the stripes. The entire outfit is within a color scheme and none of it is overbearing.
To be honest this was one fierce color pallet I couldn't resist sharing. Essentially the dress and the clutch are the same color just different hues. LOVE! Belt a dress and add a blazer or jacket for a polished layered look!
Don't let fall keep you from skirts and dresses. If there's a chill in the air just add a black or nude tight to keep you warm. You can't take away from the layering pool now. This is when you need all the options you can get! Submit your street style outfits and maybe you'll be featured in the next post!

Monday, October 15, 2012

3 New Ways to Wear Studs and Spikes

When we think studs and spikes we most likely think edgy with all the motorcycle boots and black leather jackets around town, but there's a whole new wave of awesome studded looks hitting the street. These styles are feminine and flirty and adding COLOR to soften the sharpness without letting go of the spikes one bit.
 #1 Pastels with Spikes

#2 Forget the black

#3 Clean lines, and subtle studs

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seeing Green, Army Green

Fall is here and the new season's street style trends have already started to bubble over. One of the most popular being army surplus green. It seems only natural to flock to a darker color pallet as the seasons change and we're stuck somewhere in the middle of hot and cold. These arrangements are making fashion fun in the face of not-so-fun fashion weather. It seems we're not all that turned off by adding layers, or getting creative, even if we have to trade the AC for the fire place.
Taking it one step further we found a newer combo: Green & Orange! Two colors that any fall wardrobe wouldn't be complete without, but now we're seeing them hanging out together, and it's got our attention. Unconventional? Maybe. But, chic? Absolutely!. Since orange and brown look fantastic together and we're still color blocking into winter, it makes all the sense in the world to add army green for a dramatic boost in the right direction.
In our search to find the best looks of the week we stumbled across this look on twitter. We want to give credit where credit is due and applaud this post for it's versatility. Sporting two trends in one: army green AND mixed prints is no easy feat. Mixed prints being our day one category for our ten day #outfitchallenge that twitter lovers and instagramers alike can opt into at any time and start participating! Love, love, loving the creativity so far!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shoe report @ LA Fashion Week!

  By: Chandia Brennen

LA Fashion Week/Month is here and fashion enthusiasts are hitting the streets....rain or shine. Known for beautiful sunny days, Los Angeles usually creates the perfect backdrop for a month filled with glamour and edge, but to my dismay the weather was more reminiscent of a rainy afternoon in London.  This could have put a serious damper on fashion, but despite the adverse conditions, Fashionistas were stepping out and stepping up their game (literally) in various boots, platforms, and wedges.
All acrosse the city women could be spotted dashing from one location to the next in chiffon dresses, leggings and edgy boots. Personally, I love a good six inch heel, but I decided to partake in the trend to embark on my fashion adventures.
Inside the venue it was immediatley apparent that boots were the new trend fall 2012. Women and men alike wore distressed , printed, wedge and color block boots. It was like a secret boot club and I wanted an invite.
The LA scene proved that a little rain doesn't stop the show; it simply creates another opportunity to be bold.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Street Style Challenge is HERE!!

Here's the Rules:
Just like a lot of simple photo challenges out there this challenge won't be much different. One photo each day for ten days. Take each day's category and define it yourself. They all must be street style related (no costumes) and YOUR OWN photos.  Use the hashtage #outfitchallenge when uploading to twitter and instagram so we can easily find your photos. Top styled outfits will be featured on the blog!!
We also encourage boutiques and e-retailers to participate! Everyone loves to see, hear and know about new places to shop!! Share your duds, and the faces behind your company!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chicago City Streets Style!

 By Perry Fish 

   It’s getting chilly in the Windy City!  This Columbus Day weekend was the perfect crisp fall weather. Great for lots of layers, fantastic boots, and warming accessories.
While out on the town, I was able to spot some great looks.  Here is what was hot on the city streets out in the cold!


 Boots are always a must!  Brown, black, tall, short...we love them all!  Fringed boots have always been popular, but this year they are coming on strong.  Here are a few looks I spotted on the North side and in the Loop. 

 Boots –Steve Madden
Jacket – Guess

If you like fringe boots try these from Steve Madden! 

 Boots – Urban Outfitters
Sweater – thrifted

 Boots – boutique
Jacket – Marshalls

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of classic fall colors changed up with some new ones.  Mustard colors mixed with fierce blues, bright colors toned down with black…change can be good!

 Coat - vintage
Shoes – Top Shop
Bag – Monserat De Lucca
Tights - Capezio

If you like peep toe boots try these!

 Jacket – vintage
Shoes – vintage

 Shoes – vintage
Pants – Levi
Sweater – thrifted
Jacket – eBay

Sometimes altering accessories from a day at the beach to raking leaves can be challenging.   This year it gets easier since more is more!  Pairing layered, bulky scarves and long necklaces or two fantastic bags can be fun.

 Bag – Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses – Akira

 Headband – Forever 21
Sweater – Free People
Boots – Target  

Still available!


 Shoes – Nine West
Purse – Urban Expression
Sunglasses – street vender in Berlin

 Shoes – Joey
Hat – Free People

My favorite fall look is pairing tights, knee-high, knit socks, boots, and a sweater dress.  I agree it’s classic fall, but there are so many options to work with! 
What is your favorite fall look or combination that you've put together this season? 

Monday, October 8, 2012

TREND ALERT: The Galaxy is ours!

Another trend that is building lots of steam, and in turn makes me wish I had thinner legs...Galaxy leggings! Or the galaxy print in general. It's colorful, chic, and it's pun intended. You can dress it up, dress it down if you're feeling flirty and girly or edgy and dark. I personally, love it and can't get enough. I recently got this top at forever21 and I get so many compliments. Even moms and grandma's like it. I mean, who doesn't really like the stars anyways? The even better news? It's still available online if you want one!
Boxy Galaxy Print Shirt (Google Affiliate Ad) And I don't think it's stopping here. As we play around more with tie dye and water colors in DIY land there's a whole list of combos still to come.
Take Katy Perry's watercolor dress worn in late September as an example. The design to me looks like a cloudy storm and I can see this print making it's way to tops and leggings very soon! Just remember when you do see it, you heard it here first! Do you have a pair of galaxy leggings? Share your photos and you could be featured in an upcoming blog!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

PEPLUM from Night to Day!

                     Recently Kim Kardashian was spotted again, in what seems to be her favorite trend: peplum. The white dress she wore was amazingly on trend with sex appeal and sophistication. This got our creative style minds to wondering how everyone else was rocking this trend. Without a red carpet to walk on it's hard  to imagine just where one might wear such a dress, but thankfully peplum doesn't stop just at fancy designer dresses! There's a whole mixed pot of peplum, ready for fall, and waiting for us.

 We found our favorite cap sleeve peplum tops at (Photos above) that can easily be matched with colored pants or denim for a street chic style that is completely on trend. Add a heel to glam it up or a flat to dress it down.
Peplum tops are a perfect complimentary piece to pattern pants or colored denim.  Our favorites this week are (Photos below from Left to right) Kohls, bebe, and Forever21. 
How do you wear your peplum? Share your photos and you could featured in an upcoming article. 

photos featured from google, chictopia, and celebbuzz

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get the Look: Parisian Glam w/ LBD's

        Emma Stone hit an A+ in style this week attending the Miu Miu show as part of Paris Fashion Week. However it's just a glammed up version of looks that have already hit the streets. We've caught sight of quite a few of these looks right here in Paris, and others back home for NYFW.
      Here's the trend forecast broken down. We've already acknowledged that black is back in a big way, but LBD's for fall? Well, it's not just a night out look any longer!
     But stop right there, because it's not just about the LBD that made Emma's look soooo right, and so right now all at once. Her black on black cardigan was the proverbial icing on the cake. And it's OK if Lbd's aren't your thing because black jackets in every cut, shape, and material are popping up everywhere! Here's a few more looks that caught our eye!
        How will you wear your black jacket this fall/Winter? Share and you could be featured in an upcoming blog!
  photos via getty images, chictopia

Make it Work! Street Style for your Job.

           A lot of my recent style frustration has come from trying to make my closet fit the needs of the dresscode I'm obligated to follow for my job. I'd say in comparison to most places my work dresscode -at a children's clothing retailer- is fairly easy to follow: nothing offensive, no running sneakers, no short shorts (or skirts), no visable underwear, please shower. That kind of stuff. However, as studs, and skulls, and rivets run over me for fall I can't help wondering what everyone else has been wearing to work these days.  No matter the rules I still want my style to reflect my personality, and although my own dress code doesn't have me in strangle hold just yet, I can sympothise with those who face a much more difficult guideline.
Everyone has their own individual definition of professional attire. I know this from watching some of my own co-workers. Common sense goes a long way when trying to put the right outfit together for work. IF you have any. Although it can seem down right debilitating at times when you're constantly sensoring your own style in the name of professionalism, it can also inspire you to create outfits you wouldn't otherwise wear. Staying inside the lines of professional attire doesn't always mean wearing the same thing day in and day out,  nor does it mean scribbeling outside the lines in a see through blouse. In my journey to find what my 'professional' style really was I made a lot of mental notes.
1. Buy more things that can double as work wear.
2. Research styles you like, then add more material. Layering is EVERYTHING!
3. Look online. A LOT, before heading out shopping.
4. Classic shoes that match just about everything will save you a lot of time getting ready, and a lot of money.
I also find that the more drastically unrealistic an outfit that inspires me is, the more fun I have turning it into something I can wear to work. Take the photos below as my examples. Neither of which on their own would be OK for my job, or most jobs for that matter, but the outfits I created on their behalf fall well within my personal guidelines and are still super chic!
    Velvet!! Adding a tank or cami to a sheer blouse takes you from grunge punk to dazzeling fashionista. This shirt did not come with this collar. I found the collar and paired it in place of a necklace. I wanted to keep the rocker theme going with the studs.  I also didn't want to do black heels as I feel that's more of a cocktail hour thing, when wearing a skirt or dress, so a brown, cream, or dark golden shoe would be less sexy for work.  Add a blazer for more sophistication.

  The thing I liked most about the pictured outfit was the leggings and I stayed within that color palet. I also decided to go with another popular trend right now: mix prints. I used a blouse with a small print and a purple pant with a larger print. I liked how the horizontal print mirrored the horizontal stripe in the girls leggings, and I kept with the studded boot theme although added a heal for a professinal work look.  The vest is the interchangable peice- dress it down with a loosely structured vest like this, or dress it up with a collar and versatile jacket.

 What do you wear to work? Share your work outfits and you could be featured in an upcoming blog!

   photos by polyvore & chictopia

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NYC Fall Street Style: Black and White Edition

              Although bold colors have been making statements everywhere- the biggest styles to be seen, in my travels around NYC, were actually lacking color. Black and white combinations are everywhere!  Maybe it's the sleekness of the simplistic color pallets, or the adaptability these two colors offer, but it's on trend and the options are literally endless.

Bold black and white patterns -some vintage- are making a big statement with a chic arrival.  Black and white boho tribal patterns have largely been related to summer, but with these patterns showing up on more heavier garments it's great to see them transitioning to a winter wardrobe too.  The sweater pictured left is so versatile! Can't find a sweater like this one? Take a tribal print tank you have left over from warmer weather and top it with a black blazer. 

One of the most popular trends on the street seems to be the boyfriend tee. It's versatility allows you top it with a chic black jacket in moments, add bold accessories and you're set for the day, no matter the occasion! 

Photos via and created with polyvore