Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shoe report @ LA Fashion Week!

  By: Chandia Brennen

LA Fashion Week/Month is here and fashion enthusiasts are hitting the streets....rain or shine. Known for beautiful sunny days, Los Angeles usually creates the perfect backdrop for a month filled with glamour and edge, but to my dismay the weather was more reminiscent of a rainy afternoon in London.  This could have put a serious damper on fashion, but despite the adverse conditions, Fashionistas were stepping out and stepping up their game (literally) in various boots, platforms, and wedges.
All acrosse the city women could be spotted dashing from one location to the next in chiffon dresses, leggings and edgy boots. Personally, I love a good six inch heel, but I decided to partake in the trend to embark on my fashion adventures.
Inside the venue it was immediatley apparent that boots were the new trend fall 2012. Women and men alike wore distressed , printed, wedge and color block boots. It was like a secret boot club and I wanted an invite.
The LA scene proved that a little rain doesn't stop the show; it simply creates another opportunity to be bold.

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